A Reminder About Good Sportsmanship to Fans, Players and Coaches

Sportsmanship: fair and respectful behavior or treatment of others

This is just a reminder for the people who have may have forgotten.

Having spent countless hours here, I can say with near certainty that 95 percent of the people that come through our doors to play, coach or root for their family or friends display great sportsmanship. Thank you. But I do believe we should expect 100 percent.

In the past week we have had:

A coach confronted by the parent of the opposing team in the parking lot

A coach and a player kicked out of a game and a parent walk on to the field to confront a referee

Two parents yelling at each other behind the goal area, using profanity and making my staff worry that a fight may start. And this was on a Sunday morning for a kid's game with a table of Girl Scouts selling cookies right behind them.

Root for your kids, cheer them on. Applaud fair play. Don't tolerate dirty play, being a bully or the need to argue with officials, coaches or other parents. Practice good sportsmanship.

The instances of having to think about removing someone from the facility have been few and far between until recently. So, here I am writing a reminder and asking people to display something that seems so basic: Good sportsmanship.

Pass it on.


Jim Fennell

General Manager

The Fieldhouse at Homestead Mills

2 South Winchester St., Swanzey, NH 03446